10 Amazing Idaho Wedding Venues + two bonuses

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2020

As a Boise, Idaho area photographer, I've photographed weddings in Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Caldwell, Nampa, Kuna, and even Emmett, Marsing, Hidden Springs, and Melba!

I've also traveled to McCall and Stanley for epic weddings in the mountains. 

I'm super lucky to have traveled overseas for a few weddings, most recently in France last year, before Coronavirus killed overseas travel.

That was SO much fun, but I am happy to say that there are SO many great places to get married in the Boise, Idaho area!

Here are some of my favorites!

1. Chateau des Fleurs

Most people around here are aware of this amazing venue, and it gets #1 on my list because it's my favorite one! It's so dreamy and elegant. If you want to feel like a princess for the day, this is your venue!

Located in Eagle, Idaho, this location features several room options to choose from and acres of elegant gardens behind the Boise River. They offer premier in-house catering, competitive pricing, and everything from sophisticated Chiavari chairs to personalized flower arrangements.

I loooove this location!

2. The Star Barn

The Star Barn is a CLASSIC Idaho location. I recommend it because it's just a really cool spot!

It was closed for 2019/2020 for some renovations, but I do believe they are re-opening it in 2021 and I'm excited to get to photograph there again!

3. Eagle Hills Golf Course

This location is located in the heart of Eagle, Idaho - and is your classic, country-club style location.

It's beautiful, location in a gorgeous area, and has top-notch services available for all your needs!

4. Potomac Manor

Potomac Manor, located in Boise, Idaho, is a centrally located event venue. With its bright, spacious (4500 Sq Feet), elegant interior, it is a perfect choice for a wedding and comfortably Seats 200 at tables.

5. Hidden Springs

All of the weddings I have photographed here have been spectacular. I love the venue and I love the setting. If you want a country wedding, this is an amazing venue to choose from. I "think" you have to know someone in Hidden Springs to be able to book here, but it's worth asking around because it's just an amazing location.

6. Fourth Street Gardens

This venue is a little further out of Boise and located in Emmett, Idaho. It's less than an hour away though and totally worth the drive!

If you want AMAZING images and an outdoor vibe, this is the venue for you.

7. Spurwing Country Club

This high-end wedding venue is classy in every way. Located in Meridian, Idaho - this location is great for nearly every style of wedding. 

8. Barber Park

I've photographed MANY weddings here. I do think it can be hard to get a date, but if you have time to plan ahead this is such a great spot! The indoor location is fantastic, and outdoors we have access to beautiful trees for going off for a little alone time for your first look and sunset pictures. 

9. Sawtooth Valley Meditation Chapel

I have to talk this one up because it's one of the best venues I have even been to! It's a quaint little chapel up in Stanley, Idaho - which I know isn't in Boise but just look at these pictures! If you're planning on a bit of a getaway wedding, this is the place for you!

10. Jug Mountain Ranch

This wedding venue is *spoiler* also not IN Boise - but again, so worth the drive! 

You can make your vows in a beautiful, can't be beat mountain setting, up in McCall, Idaho.  

It's worth the hassle to get away from the Treasure Valley and have your wedding in the mountains!

11. Fox Canyon Vineyards

Okay, I know I said 10, but just as I went to publish this article, I remembered one more that I love! This is such a gorgeous location. Located in Marsing, Idaho - it's far enough out of Boise to feel in the country but close enough that it's not an extra day of travel to make it a destination venue. Check this one out for sure!


If you're a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and are getting married at the Boise Temple or the Meridian Temple - I am very experienced at capturing your day perfectly in front of these beautiful buildings! 

Are you currently seeking a wedding photographer? 

I travel throughout Idaho for weddings, and can also be hired for overseas travel. (ask me about my weddings in Spain, The Florida Keys, and France, they were amazing!)

If you want more information about my wedding packages, send me an email at [email protected] and I would love to chat with you!


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