Abena - A beautiful soul

travel Mar 22, 2017

Meet Abena. She lives in a tiny village in Ghana and is one of the purest, BRIGHT souls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She shines with joy, love, and beauty.

Abena was born with cerebral palsy, most likely after a difficult delivery, and it's fairly common in Ghana to see children with similar difficulties. She cannot walk, and for most of her life has dragged herself around on the dirt. She cannot hear or speak. She lives with her grandfather.

She has a wheelchair that Ghana Make A Difference has brought over for her, but where she lives it is so rocky and uneven that I didn't see her in it much.

Abena has an American sponsor now, which pays for her to have sewing lessons from a local village woman. The goal is that Abena will be able to support herself someday through sewing. She was SO proud of her little outfits she's starting to create!

When Abena would see us coming, she would get SO excited! Some of these photos almost look like she is crying, but she's not! She's just so excited! She wants to hold your hand, and hug you, and pass along her love.

"Anything that has real and lasting value is always a gift from within." -Franz Kafka

I hadn't realized just how much this trip took out of me emotionally until I arrived home. Physically and emotionally exhausted, I felt like I was in a fog for the first two weeks back in Idaho. I finally worked out my emotions, and I realized that I was struggling with a little bit of survivors guilt. I was happy to be home with my kids and my husband, but I really wanted to bring all of the people I had met, back here where it was safe and clean, and so wonderful.

To find out more about how to help families in Ghana, go to their website www.ghanamakeadifference.org

If you would like to find out how to donate part of your portrait session fees to Ghana Make A Difference, contact me for more information.  [email protected] or 480-340-4530.


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