Ashley and Devin

weddings Apr 22, 2016

Meet Ashley and Devin. They had a whirlwind romance! These two had to be apart for most of their engagement, so when Ashley's mom messaged me in a panic because he was flying out the next afternoon, I offered to meet them for an early sunrise session. In May, sunrise is EARLY in Idaho. 

It was TOTALLY worth it. The light was gorgeous, and these two don't ever disappoint. Perfect models!!!

A couple days before their wedding, they came out for bridals and a first look! Ashley came earlier to my house and we did some formal portraits. This was my first try at doing these, I've wanted to start incorporating some into my wedding packages. Since she basically looks like a perfect Barbie doll, she made my job easy! Every bride should come in for these, so timeless and classic!

Then we headed over to one of my favorite locations to get a few individuals of Ashley. As a Boise, Idaho wedding photographer, finding a location with trees is never easy. The best places in the Treasure Valley are always by water, that's where we have trees. Sometimes I wish for that rich deep green that other places in the country get, instead of the sage color of my trees here in Idaho. But in Ashley's case, these trees were exactly what we needed- they went perfectly with the light green in her bouquet, which she and her mom actually MADE. Love it!

Then poor Ashley got to stand in this very spot for one hour while we waited for Devin. It was quite a story, but to keep it short, let's just say it was totally out of his control! They'll never forget their bridals! I'm sure Ashley was covered in mosquito bites after, I know I was!  Finally we were able to set up their first look!

Then we moved on to do some fun photos of them together. I love it when a bride and groom want a session just for themselves, the wedding day is always so crazy. Both bride and groom act much more relaxed! Plus, then we can hand pick the location and the time of day. Sunset or sunrise lighting cannot be beat!

Did you notice how gorgeous Ashley's dress was? While taking her formal bridals, her mom told me it was actually HER dress! I love it so much! Ashley is quite tall, so it had to be altered, and let me tell you the seamstress did such an amazing job. I would've never known! The lace on the neckline, sleeves, and waist was my very favorite. The entire look just was so classically beautiful, fitting Ashley's personality to perfection.

Two days later, I met them after their sealing in the LDS Boise, Idaho temple. The joy on their faces as they came out to the cheers of their family and friends was the sweetest ever!

We had slightly less than an hour to get through all their photos at the temple, so we zoomed through the family photos, got through the wedding party poses, and finally got a little more time for the bride and groom. I love these so much!

It was a wonderful day, and I was so glad I got to capture it. I'm so grateful I got to photograph these two lovebirds, and I wish them every happiness in their marriage! It's going to be a great one.


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