Celebrate Down Syndrome Month!

down syndrome Oct 18, 2017

October is Down Syndrome awareness month - which makes it the perfect time to talk about the incredible session I did last month! These girls were a BLAST to work with. 


Without further suspense, let me tell you about each of these beautiful princesses!


First up we have Princess Breda. My favorite thing about Breda was her huge smile which lit up her entire face! She was so full of sweet joy and truly just lights up any space she occupies.

Some things you ought to know about Breda...

- She is 3 years old

- She has a cat named Deeto.

-Her favorite foods are soup, juice, and suckers.

-She has 1 big brother named Henry.

-She loves to play with toys or color.

-She is afraid of big dogs and loud noises.

- She loves preschool.

Her mom says.... "Breda is an engaged, energetic, friendly 3-year-old. She has an amazing ear for music and can keep the beat better than many kids her age. My favorite thing about Breda is her determination - when she decides she wants to do something she won't stop trying until she can do it. She is incredibly funny and likes to make others laugh. SPICY is a good word to describe her."

"Breda is a princess because of the way she moves through the world. Although only 3 she can make friends with anyone young or old and find something to be joyful about in any situation (other than mom doing her hair) - She is beautiful, special, brave, tough, and loving!

Next up is Abbie. Abbie wins the award for the most patient - she went next to last in our crazy evening of photos and was so quiet and sweet while waiting for her turn. Then she turned the smiles and giggles on for me big time!

Beautiful things about Abbie...

-She is 7 years old.

-She has a dog named Toto.

-Her favorite foods are a breakfast sandwich and cheese and roni.

-She has a sister named Reagan.

-She likes to play her toys and watch her Ipad.

-She wants to be a dentist when she grows up.

-She is afraid of monsters and Nemo.

-She loves math.

-She loves to dance and sing.

Her mom says.... "There are so many stories we could share about Abbie. I think the most special story started at the very beginning. We prayed for God to give us another child. He did so without hesitation. The day she was born, we saw this beautiful girl and thanked Him for the blessing. We immediately started planning a life for her. Hours later, the doctors came to tell us that she had Down Syndrome. Although the news was not what we planned, we had spent many hours falling madly in love with this child, with our Abbie. Our hopes and dreams for Abbie did not change with a diagnosis. If anything, it motivated us more to give her a life that would allow her to achieve whatever she set her heart and mind to do. She exceeds our expectations daily, and we have high expectations. She lives her life with a zest and brightness that is difficult to articulate. From her very first moments she has shone in this life, and I have no doubt she will continue to be a light."


Princess McKayla was my most elegant model. She has stunning hair and I just love her personality! I especially loved watching her as I showed her the images on my big TV at her reveal - she was so excited to see herself! She wanted her mom in a few images with her.... which made me so happy - I love their beautiful relationship. 

A few things about McKayla...

-She is 10 years old.

-She loves pasta with meatballs.

-She has lots of cousins and they are all her favorite!

-She likes to read, dance, color, play pretend, and watch her favorite TV show ER.

-She wants to be a Doctor when she grows up.

-Loud noises are scary to her.

-She loves reading and math.

McKayla's mom says... "McKayla has the best sense of humor, she loves to have fun and be silly! Because McKayla loves ER, she tries to do CPR on everybody! Once she was performing CPR on my brother in law and she decided he was going to live and wanted him to sit up and pretend to have a baby! He drew the line at that! Our whole family still laughs about this."

"McKayla can light up a room with her personality and smile! She may be shy at first but will warm up to those who talk to her and include her. She has a huge heart and is always concerned about how others feel. I think it is important to her that others feel included and welcome."

I LOVED photographing Avery. She took direction so well and has the most natural smile! I asked her what her favorite princess is and mentioned Elsa, and she just starting acting out Elsa's story, pretending she was there! 

Some things you should know about Princess Avery...

-She is 5 years old.

-She has a fish for a pet!

-She loves ice cream.

-She has 3 siblings.

-Swimming is her favorite thing to do, along with dancing and singing.

-She wants to be a singer when she grows up.

-She is afraid of the dark and loud noises.

-She loves recess!

Avery's mom says... "The story of her birth - She ended up being born in our car in front of the hospital. We had not found out if she was a boy or a girl previous to birth, so after they brought Avery straight to the NICU and rolled me upstairs in the hospital (separately) they simultaneously told me she was a girl and she had markers of Down Syndrome. About 20 minutes after her birth, in a car! She spent a week in the NICU. I finally got to see her about 5 hours after her birth in the NICU and I knew the minute I saw her we would all be ok. She had a spirit about her that brought me peace immediately. It was awesome. And I will say she had kept that spirit with her ever since."

"She has a pure heart and love unconditionally. She sees the beauty of others and loves them because of how they treat her and not based on how they look. She is the best. She is the epitome of beauty. She reminds me of what matters most and I aspire every day to be more like her."


Mary got to wear one of my all-time favorite dresses, and it looked so perfect on her! Right when we were finishing up she pointed to her dad and said, "now you!" Those ended up being my favorites of hers. Such a sweet girl!

Mary is awesome because...

-She is 9 years old.

-She has a dog named Chip.

-Her favorite food is noodle soup.

-Her sister is named Dorie.

-She participates in American Heritage Girls, and loves camp.

-She wants to be a vet, she loves dogs.

-She is afraid of the dark.

-She loves PE and library because she loves books!

-She plays volley and swims and is very active all year round.

Mary's mom says... "May does life well. She embraces living in an inclusive community. She has a positive attitude, enjoys family and friends and loves to make others laugh. A favorite thing about Mary is her spunk to persevere. She is persistent. She is a princess because she is comfortable being herself and voicing her opinion."

I chose this dress for Georgia because of how stunning I knew it would look with her pretty features! She has a timeless sort of beauty. The playground was sure tempting and she made me run around a lot, but I was so happy with all the photos we got of this beautiful girl!

Some awesome things about Princess Georgia...

-She is 4 years old.

-She has two dogs, Emma and Pancho.

-She loves donuts (me too Georgia!!! my favorite food)

-She loves to sing, dance, paint, and watch movies.

-She is afraid of loud noises.

-She loves art.

-She is very silly and likes to make people laugh!

Georgia's mom says... "Georgia is very good at making people laugh. She knows how to get your attention and do whatever she has to do to make you smile. She is kind and thoughtful. She is priceless. She is beautiful inside and out and has a very kind disposition."


Kynlee gave me the BEST performance. Her session lasted about as long as it takes to sing the song from Moana! I got the entire rendition. It was amazing - she even corrected me when I got the words wrong! Such a little performer.

Princess Kynlee is amazing because...

-She is 7 years old.

-She has a dog named Elsie.

-She loves chicken nuggets, eggs, and hashbrowns.

-She has a little brother named Garesson.

-She likes to play with others, play on her iPad, going to the park, and playing the guitar.

-She wants to go to college and be a musician.

-She is afraid of NOTHING.

-She loves recess.

Her mom says... "There are so many stories, but to show her determination I'll share this one. All last year in Kinder she loved to see others do the monkey bars and wanted to them too. Then she started watching kids do them on videos on YouTube. One day months later, we were at the park where there are some lower ones and she just got up there and started doing them and then did it about 15 more times! She was getting tired and not going all the way anymore but just wouldn't stop!"

"She is determined and knows what she wants. She has a beauty all her own and she loves to sing."

Aren't each of these girls just incredible? I was amazed by the love and strength emanating from each of their souls- as well as their selfless families. 

Since this month celebrates Down Syndrome, I would love to help out more. Anyone who reads this can book a session with me and choose to donate their session fee of $325 to a Down Syndrome charity of my choice. In return, you'll receive a special bonus gift from me! This offer is valid through November 2017. Contact me for more details and to help out!


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