Family Sessions - They should be FUN

family sessions Sep 18, 2019

It's the time of year when all my past clients come out of the woodworks, desperate for that perfect family photo! Last October I booked 28 clients in that month alone, and this year I'm already half full- so if you're still interested, contact me as soon as possible!

This family was actually photographed in spring, in Dripping Springs, TX, but it remains one of my favorite family sessions ever! And it reflects my style of photography quite well. First off, we start with a formal pose, like the one at the very top, and then we stay in that formation and have a little more fun!

Then we break it into smaller groups. These girls were impeccably dressed. The whole family was really. I absolutely LOVED the way mom coordinated everyone. When clients show up looking like this, I know they will love their images!

Sadly, Boise, Idaho doesn't have fields of bluebonnets like Texas does. These were incredible!!! I'm lucky I have family there so I plan to be back!

After some family poses and groupings, I like to give each child a little attention. Even toddlers! I like to let toddlers run and play, and then with older kids I just move them into good light and let them chat with me.

It was so fun photographing these 3 girls because their age differences are about the same as my own 3 little girls, and I got a glimpse of what my life will look like in about 5 years!

I always ALWAYS make sure mom and dad get a few minutes by themselves for photos. They're the reason this all started, so it's important to capture their love!

After I've made sure to get all those different groupings, we really let loose and have fun! Usually this results in my favorite images of the session!

Hopefully this gives you a good idea of how my sessions usually run. It's super relaxing, and even dad's come out of it saying they had a good time! I prefer to capture memories, not just face smiles. If you're not having fun, it will show in your photos!


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