Ferguson Family - Wilson Pond, Nampa, Idaho

family session Mar 13, 2020

The Ferguson family were the winners of my last big giveaway on facebook! They won a full session, but after seeing how cute they were dressed, I upgraded them to my largest package, and they got SO many images! If you want to skip this post and just go see ALL the images in their amazing gallery, go here...

Sometimes I can't help myself. If a family is willing to play and have fun, then I just keep snapping! Most of the time the light here is gorgeous, although since we're in Boise, Idaho, the sun sets later than other places in the world! I promise it's totally worth keeping your kids up a little later than usual in order to get this light. 

When families like this show up ready to have fun, the photos reflect that! I love that our society is moving away from stiff, formal portraits. I like to do a couple of those just because they're expected, but after that, plan to have fun!

This method of playing around while I capture images, is so wonderful for families with young children. They hate sitting still, and most people just dread dragging their kids through a photo session. I tell my clients to just have their kids come prepared to play!

As the sun sets, I like to calm everyone down just a bit for some snuggling. Every mom deserves a photo of herself being snuggled by her kids!

This cute girl was so excited about snuggling her mom that she knocked them both flat on the ground. this was after they'd picked themselves up! It was so funny!

I wish all my clients would take their family photos in the spring and summer. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE fall, but if I'm honest, I really like spring and fall images more. The vibrant colors, the warmth, and even flowers in the springtime (or longer if you don't live in Idaho!). Plus, sometimes it's easier to coordinate schedules with older children in the summer when school activities are on hold!

I can't wait to give these clients all the gorgeous prints they ordered. They just arrived and I'm not going to lie, I'd keep some for myself if it wouldn't be super weird to have their images up on my wall! :-)


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