My 5 Favorite Poses In A Newborn Session

newborn Dec 29, 2020

When photographing newborns in your home (or my home!) there are a few poses I always try to get! A few of my favorites are…

#1 - Baby feet

Baby feet are the BEST! I love those teeny little toes!

#2 - The top of your baby’s head

Some people might question me when I say this is essential, but I just looooove this angle! Those baby’s heads are so sweet, and I can almost smell that beautiful new baby smell just by looking at these images.

#3 - Baby’s face

Obviously, this is essential, and I have developed the best way to do this, no matter whose home I’m in! Awake or asleep, this setup is fast and can be done anywhere with a window.


#4 - Cuddles on the bed

Mom and/or Dad, add some siblings, cuddling on the bed just FEELS natural, so it looks natural too!

#5 - Just Mom

Mom did all the work to get baby here (and she’ll likely be doing MUCH of the work from here and out if we’re honest haha) so mom deserves some special recognition. We’re all a little insecure about our post-baby bodies, so I have ways of doing this that will be flattering and comfortable to mom. No fear!

There are so many other great shots that I aim for in a lifestyle newborn session - but those are my top five goals for every session. What are some of YOUR "must-haves?"


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