Thinkery Museum - Austin, TX

travel Nov 09, 2017

I'm starting this post off with a photo of Queso... because we are in Texas, and Queso is a BIG deal here!!!

Before school started we decided to take the kids out for a full day of fun! We started off at Kerbey Lane Cafe in Round Rock, Texas. Very close to our new home! 

We've been trying Queso all over, but this was my favorite so far. Not too spicy at all (I'm a WIMP when it comes to spice!) - and topped off with guacamole and salsa. Chips were warm and fresh. The kids devoured this as well!

You can check out their website here - highly recommended!



They had a fun little waiting area - well fun to a photographer who loves textures and leading lines!


The Thinkery is a museum for children based around science - it's located in a really neat up and coming spot in North Austin. There is tons to do around this area.

This dark lab was probably my children's favorite spot inside! Such a great way to play with light, movement, and shadows.


Everything is so unique, so much to see and play and stretch their imagination for discovery.

I never get tired of watching my kids do new things. Even simple things are so exciting for them.


We probably would have played in the outside area longer if it wasn't about 102 degrees + Texas humidity that day. The jungle gym had lots of rope ladders and climbing areas.


We topped off our day with ice cream at nearby LICK. But that's another post for another day!

It's so great to be able to do a documentary session like this for my girls. It's one of my most popular sessions for my clients that I truly love doing - and every documentary session comes with an album - so you can relive the memories any time you choose.

I love having these images - including these cheesy ones taken by my up and coming photographic assistant Lizzie (9.5 years old and already styling me in the moment with her sunglasses to look cooler.)


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