Why A Lifestyle Newborn Session In Your Home Is The Best Choice

newborn Apr 24, 2019

What is a Lifestyle Session?

A lifestyle session aims to capture everyday moments in a beautiful way. It’s captured in your home, with your own surroundings and your own memories. Lifestyle photography aims to capture the essence of you and your family, with minimal posing and no additional props. With newborns, my goal is to capture those little details…

Their tiny toes -

The top of their little head -

The way they rest their head on your chest -

Their miniature fingers -

The yawns -

The stretches -

The sleepy smiles -

The snuggles -

Where do you pose in a Lifestyle Session?

Photos are taken inside your home. When I arrive I’ll have a quick walkthrough to see where the best lighting might be. Most of the time there are at least some photos taken on Mom and Dad’s bed.

Your house doesn’t need to be perfectly designed and curated for an in-home session. You want to remember it exactly as it is. I have a few suggestions for prep before I come, but none of it includes buying new furniture, painting the walls, or scrubbing the floor. 😉

What do we do in a Lifestyle Session?

The aim of Lifestyle Sessions is to capture you and your family in a REAL way – not only with everyone is dressed nicely and smiling for the camera. These sessions progress organically, as time unfolds. I might capture you just laying and looking at your new little baby and their little toes and gorgeous features.

We will also likely just spend some time with your family hanging out on your bed. You don’t all need to sit nicely and look at the camera – although we will often get some of those as well – lifestyle is all about capturing those real and genuine connections. In your session just be as relaxed as possible.

The goal isn’t to be perfect – the goal is to be genuine.

What if my baby cries? Or doesn’t sleep?

First off, awake baby pictures are my FAVORITE! So there is zero stress in a casual Lifestyle Session because we’re not rushing to get the baby to sleep so we can pose them. I am super patient and willing to go with the flow. When baby needs to eat, baby eats! When the baby gets sleepy, we get the baby to sleep! I’ll work with whatever is happening at the moment, I just will put you and/or baby in the most flattering position and in the prettiest light.

Do I need to clean the house?

No! Lifestyle is real and authentic, so things don’t have to be perfect. I’d recommend some decluttering and a basic tidy – you just don’t need to go crazy! Especially if you have a newborn, you don’t want to be worrying about everything looking perfect! The main places I suggest tidying are the bed and nightstands, the couch end tables, and the baby’s nursery if there is one.

How long does the session go for?

Lifestyle sessions usually last for 1-2 hours. I don’t stop until we’ve got what we need. Usually, with newborns, I schedule these at 10 am, which is the best light and usually a good time for a restful and happy baby.

What if I really don’t want the images done in my home? Do you offer lifestyle newborn sessions in your studio?

Yes! For various reasons, some people really don’t want their newborn session in their home. That’s totally fine. I have a neutral decor palette in my home studio, and it’s a really easy place to capture these sessions as well. So if you can’t do it in your home, mine is also a great option!

These last few images are from MY current home setup for newborns.

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