10 Best Photo Locations In Boise, Idaho

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I have been meaning to post this blog for a long time, but never quite feel it is complete! I'm going to do it anyway, and just to let you know, there may be a part II coming as I am always discovering new places to photograph my clients in the Treasure Valley, Idaho area.

As a family, newborn, children, wedding, and senior photographer, I have explored SO much of our area for great session locations. 

I wanted to show you just how beautiful and diverse our area is. 

Some of these locations can only be accessed with me as your photographer because they are on private land. I will state that when relevant!

Lastly... keep in mind that when I'm scouting locations, my goals is to be able to to do an ENTIRE session there. You don't want to cart your kids around to 5 different spots to get a full session. I don't want your whole session to be you standing by the same tree. So, the goal here is to get as many different looks as possible in one spot. Got it?!

1. Jump Creek, Idaho

This one is quite far out, but totally worth the drive. (and I do have a tiny extra charge for the time and gas to go out, just FYI!)

When I have sessions out at jump creek, I'm usually, moaning and groaning to my husband about having to drive out there.

But... once I do, I'm always SO glad I went! It's just a very IDAHO place to photograph your family at and it's really cool to see too!

It's a super fun day trip/hike (like a quarter-mile hike) - but if you want stunning pictures here, you need to go at sunset.

(I might sound like a broken record in this post because every single one of these places I will chat about should be done at sunset! ha!)

It's just a very beautiful, unique place! 

2. Nampa Secret Garden

I can NEVER get tired of this spot. Unfortunately, since part of it is on private property, I also can't tell you where it is.

But I have taken MANY images here!


If you are going for something LUSH and GREEN - this is the #1 place I recommend here in the valley.

I used to live close to it, but even now, I drive 25 minutes to go here.

It looks different in different seasons. 

Winter doesn't disappoint... 


Spring is poppin' with blossoms...

And deep rich greens as it transitions to summer...


And finally, it puts on a fall show...



Pick this spot and book a session here just for it... I love it so so much!

3. Wilson Pond, Nampa

Okay, so this is one of those spots that a lot of photographers use, but I don't think it gets enough credit! 


It's diverse, beautiful year-round, and really keeps kids entertained. I have got this location down to a science actually.


There a short loop I take every client on, and I time it so we get to all my favorite spots at just the right lighting for that time of night.

Two things to remember at this spot... bug spray, and watch out for the goose poop. Other than that it's literally the BEST.


I do a lot of first looks here for my brides... because it's easy to hide her while I get the groom!

And in winter... this place STILL is gorgeous. The water is heated in some of the ponds for the migrating birds or something... but I love it because it creates a magical lift of fog on the water.

4. Lake Lowell, Nampa


Lake Lowell is FULL of amazing spots to take pictures.


I love a big open sky! It's such an Idaho thing... I've lived in a lot of places around the US and our sunsets here are truly amazing and unique.

But this location is great because I can also get images in the really cool trees.


If you're an early riser Lake Lowell is amazing at sunrise too. 

In the late summer, all of these beautiful little sunflowers start popping up, and they're so cute!

I could go on and on about this place...


This is probably my #1 spot to take clients who want a big sunset sky in their images.


5. Merrill Park in Eagle, Idaho

Guys, this might be the most obvious one on my list.


If you're a photographer, you know this is a busy place.

Heck, if you've had your pictures taken in Idaho you've probably been told to do it at Merrill Park.

Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful spot for pictures.


I won't go here in the fall anymore though, not unless you beg me (ha!)

It's just swarming with photographers (and mosquitos, for reals!)

But on a weekday, I have a few spots I just LOVE to use.

And as much as I complain about it, it's convenient, and really very beautiful, if you know what to look for! (and I know what to look for!)

6. Downtown Boise, Idaho

Downtown Boise can be tons of fun.

It's not a bit city, but it has plenty of little nooks to satisfy me!

Down by the river is always a safe bet.

But there is enough unique architecture and bridges and interesting walls to keep me busy for a whole session!

7. Downtown Nampa, Idaho

Believe it or not, sometimes I actually prefer downtown Nampa to Boise for sessions.

It's just not nearly as busy, so it's easier to keep people/cars out of the background when I'm taking your picture!

There is a really cool parking garage (I never thought I'd see the day when Nampa needed a parking garage, ha!)

And some of the walls are just really awesome! 

It's a great place for me to combine urban images + outdoor images for my seniors because then we can hop over to Lake Lowell for sunset. 


8. Eagle, Idaho Foothills

This place is a more recent discovery...

I've been coming here for about 2 years now.

It's on private property, but it's just the best!

In June, there are usually some flowers, which is nice.

But this place is really great all year round!

9. Boise Foothills, Idaho (lucky peak area, bogus basin rd. area... etc...)

I have a handful of locations in the Boise foothills that are amazing! I like some of them better during different times of the year, but there is always amazing light and grand scenery!

It's not private property, but I have literally zero idea how I'd tell you how to get to this particular hill.

This last

This image is from Bogus Basin rd... but it's waaaaay up there. This location has an extra charge... but LOOK AT IT!!!

You'll have to follow me.


I took my 3 girls up here for a session this spring, and the flowers that were there for my grandma's engagement pictures were gone, but the green hills were simply spectacular.

10. The Orchards in Marsing, Idaho

This is a rare occurrence...

In fact, one year my client and I drove all the way out there to discover that a major storm the night before had blown ALL the petals away!

And you have to get direct permission from the orchard owners every time.

But, when the trees are blossoming it's TOTALLY worth the drive and the hassle.

Spring blossoms are SO much fun!



At least for this list.

I have some spots on my list to check out that will have to wait for another post!

Really, the point here is this.

If you have a certain type of background in mind, I can probably make it happen.


(Well, if you're willing to travel then I can absolutely make it happen ha! Please... no matter how much you beg me, believe me when I say the bluebonnet pictures can only happen in Texas lol!)

But here in the Treasure Valley, we really have a lot of amazing places for your family pictures! And many of them are awesome year-round!

If you're looking for a photographer, whether you need family pictures, senior pictures, or something more specialized like a wedding photographer or newborn photographer, I can guarantee you that I can find the perfect place for you!

How to book and learn more:

For information about my pricing and to grab a date on my calendar, email me at [email protected] or fill out the form here



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